Floor Polishing and Staining

We offer both residential and commercial floor sanding and polishing services. Our team of expert floor polishers deliver the job on time and on budget resulting in the highest quality timber floorboards for your home or office.

Floor polishing can bring a tired and worn out wooden floor back to life and give it a stunning finish. If it's time to give your timber floor a new lease on life, it might only need a good polish from a professional. Give Adler a call to find out what it would take to bring your floor boards back to looking fabulous!

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Sydney Floor Sanding

Expert floor sanders for over 30+ years with many satisfied customers. Our licensed and experienced floor sanding team will make sure your timber floorboards look stunning. From removing nails and preparation for a smooth and flawless floor, to sanding for a perfect surface for your stain or polish.

We do new installations and renovate old floorboards. There are often hidden gems under your old floor coverings with beautiful timber boards just waiting to be renovated and brought back to life.

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Eco-Friendly Floor Stain and Polish

Adler Flooring uses eco friendly stains for their wooden floorboard finishes. Adler uses "Bona Traffic", a green, durable and waterborne finish for safe, stunning and long lasting floorboards.

We understand the importance of using safe and quality finishes to protect the whole family (this includes pets). Every time we polish and stain floor boards, we aim to deliver a stunning timber floor to you as efficiently as possible.

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Floor Sanding and Polishing in Sydney

Floor sanding services like Adler Floor Sanding Sydney remove the surface of a wood or timber floor by sanding with electric floor sanders and abrasive sand papers.

All kinds of floors can be sanded and made to look stunning and new! Different types of flooring that Adler works with include parquet, timber, cork and particleboard.

While certain floors are designed especially for the purposes of sanding and are easily laid and polished, older floors are often sanded following the removal of carpets, linoleum or even paint. Luckily for lots of Sydney homeowners, the floorboards in many older style houses and terraces have timber flooring that is perfect for sanding and polishing.

Adler Floor Sanding are experts at all kinds of floor sanding and polishing. Our service usually involves a three step process. This includes:

– Preparing the floor to be sanded. This can include removing nails and patching areas where the timber has been degraded or needs to be replaced. It is not uncommon for older floors to need some replacement boards.

– Sanding the prepared floor is the second stage and is mostly completed with our specialised floor sanding machines. Our staff at Adler have over 30 years’ experience in sanding floors. This makes us fast, efficient while delivering a stunning result.

– The final stage involves placing a protectant sealant over the newly sanded and cleaned floorboards.

Sanding does remove a small part of the timber, so it is not possible to sand floorboards over and over again. Therefore, a professional team is often a lot more cost effective than doing it yourself since their experience will remove as little of the surface as is necessary for the best, final result. Unless you know how to use a floor sander and understand the different types of sandpaper for each stage and the best, eco-friendly protective sealant for the result you desire, you may be better off giving us a call.

Our quotes are free, and you are under no obligation.

However, we are sure that when you see our work, read our reviews and see our incredible prices, you will be ready to book our floor sanding team to transform that old, dull floor into the wonderful, new timber floorboards you have dreamed about for your home.