Outdoor Timber Decking – Wood Floor Sanding & Polishing

Adler Floor Sanding Sydney are experts at installing, refurbishing and updating outdoor timber decks. Enjoy summer days whiling away the time reading a book sitting on your lovely, shady, wooden deck.

Invite family and friends over for a BBQ or outdoor feast on your stunning timber deck. 

There’s nothing that looks quite so gorgeous as the warmth of timber on an outdoor deck. The timber doesn’t heat up as much as other outdoor floors and can be quickly installed by a professional floor sander and polisher.

Types of Outdoor Timber Flooring for Decks

Deciding on the type of flooring for your deck is partly dependent on your budget. But the great thing is, there is a floor type to fit just about any budget. Adler will help you to find the best choice for your decor and that is within your budget.

Pine board decking (these can be given depth and style with a wide range of stains and treatments) are an excellent and cost effective option.

Modular Decking is also popular as they are prefabricated panels that are quickly and easily installed by a professional team. Modular Decks are made of real timber so they are very durable.

outdoor timber decking by the pool

Similar to all outdoor timber floors, you do need to maintain and care for it. Regular oiling and treatments will keep your deck looking great and lasting for longer giving you a better return on investment. Modular decking is similar to hardwood boards when it comes to requiring annual oiling and maintenance.

Prefer to be environmentally friendly? Why not check out the composite decking options? These are made from a mix of wood fibres and recycled plastic so you’re definitely doing the planet a favour by choosing this one.

Composite Wood Decking

Another major bonus of composite decking is its hardiness and weather proof qualities. It comes in a variety of timber looks such as Jarrah, Highland Oak, Silver Gum and lots more.

Of course you can try laying the deck yourself, but handling timber decking can be heavy and difficult work without the right tools and expertise.

Before calling all your friends and family to help build your next DIY project, why not call Adler Floor Sanding Sydney and see just how cost effective and fast it is to have a professional team build your deck for you.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a cold drink while we get your timber deck ready for you. Within a matter of days your biggest worry will be what colour furniture will you choose for your new deck?