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Sydney timber floor installation

Looking to Have Wooden Floors Installed?

Timber floors are very popular in Sydney because of our climate and the benefits of easy maintenance. No longer do you have to worry about dust mite allergies. You must be prepared for the wood to expand and change with moisture and air temperature.

Without hiring a specialist in laying and sanding, you may find that your floorboards have huge cracks opening as the boards swell in rainy weather. When looking for a Sydney timber floor installation company you need to find a team with the skills and experience to understand the local needs for the climate.

Adler Floor Sanding Sydney have over 25 years experience and are fully licensed. When it comes to sanding, polishing and staining floorboards they understand all types of hard woods and their reaction to different weather conditions.

Reasons Why You Should Engage a Professional Floor Sanding & Polishing Company

While it may seem like a great, cost saving idea at the time, it actually takes years of knowledge, experience and installation know-how to achieve what we all want with our timber floor – stability! You need a company who will understand exactly what is required to ensure you get the stable timber floor you have dreamed about.

While many carpenters believe they can lay a wooden floor effectively, they are often not experienced in the different types of timber, lacquers and polish. Or in the large machinery and equipment that is needed to get the best result.

It is also important to understand how each kind of hardwood will behave in the local conditions. Only a fully qualified and experienced timber floor layer and sander can offer this sort of expertise. Adler Floor Sanding has been laying timber floors in Sydney for over 30 years and have installed timber floors in commercial premises such as town halls as well as private homes.

Adler Floor Sanding has over 25 years experience in Australia and Europe with all types of timber flooring and polishing. They have experience and knowledge of a huge range of timbers and their applications. This makes their knowledge and experience second to none.

Depending on where you live, even in the same city you can find variations in the way that timber floors will contract and shrink in summer.

Houses without much sub-floor ventilation or the old-style bearers and joists (rather than a modern concrete slab or particle-board floor) are also going to need alternative types of timber and installation methods.This is why a qualified and experienced local sander is an important choice for your renovation.

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