Expert Connells Point Wood Floor Installations, Sanding, Polishing & Staining

Here are four ideas that will help you keep wood flooring sanding problems to a minimum and keep your floorboards protected in Connells Point:

  • Place Welcome Mats At Entries:

It’s advisable to get doormats at all entry points to your home in Connells Point. Ask visitors to wipe their feet on them before entering your home. A carpet mat and a brush mat just outside the front door can be a good mix as the brush mat allows people to get deeper rocks and other debris into the home to scratch the boards. It’s advisable to catch any objects that might be blown in while the door is open. If you are  careful about this and leave a large mat in the doorway, or even ask visitors to remove their shoes when they enter your home.

This may keep their shoes from scraping the floor, unintentionally scratching it. Cushioned or not, it’s still recommended to make sure that furniture is lifted carefully when being moved around in rooms with wooden floors. Furniture pads are useful to protect against movement and scratching during regular use of the furniture.

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  • Clean Floorboards Often:

Keeping wood floors clean is definitely recommended. It is suggested that you brush the floor using a soft brush one or more times daily.

  • Prevent Direct Sunlight:

A wood floor can dull quickly after being exposed to direct sun. It is therefore advisable to take care of your wood floorings at all times and don’t allow too much sun on them. This does not mean you need to live a sunshine-free life; you can get unique sun shades to filter the dangerous rays out and let enough light in.

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