Bondi Timber Floorboards Sanding, Staining & Polishing

Bondi Floorboards: Tips for Keeping Your Floor in Top Condition

A highly rated company will tell you that timber floors need to be cared for like all other floor coverings.

Here are a few tips:

1. Never use chemical or all purpose house hold cleaner to clean your polished timber floors. Steel wool or any sort of scourer can easily scratch and badly affect the varnish on your floor.

2. Use a soft cloth mop, broom or vacuum to remove all the grit and sharp objects that can scratch and mar the new surface of your newly polished timber floors.

3. Encourage everyone to remove their shoes or, at the very least, place good mats at every entrance for people to remove the worst grit from their shoes before walking on your floors. Removing shoes reduces the need to clean (and socks can be great for polishing the floorboards!).

4. Put soft bases on all furniture legs. It is especially important to ask women with pointed stilettos to remove these as their effect on your floorboards can be extreme.

Amazingly, a woman who weighs 57kgs and is wearing stilettos, exerts a force of over 2,0000 psi on a timber floor. This is 20 times greater than an elephant on the same floor with only 50-100 psi. When you consider that exposed nail heads on chair legs or damaged stillettos can pulverise concrete at 8,000 psi this is pretty incredible.

5. Wood and water do not mix. Try to use a dry mop and don’t use a steam mop because wood just doesn’t respond well to water of any sort. The best Sydney floor sanding company will tell you what product you should use to keep your floors in top condition.

They will recommend a floor cleaner that suits the varnish and type of timber of your floors.

For the best wooden floorboards in Bondi call us on 0419 996656

Before sanding your floorboards, our timber floor experts based in Bondi will inspect and:

  • Vacuum the floor thoroughly
  • Check the surface of the boards for nails and replace or hammer these into the right position for a smooth finish
  • Take off any old polish that might remain from previous laminations

An expert in floor sanding and polishing in Bondi will be able to help you with ideas and styles to suit your home and décor. They will be able to discuss the best types of ecofriendly laminates and polishes as well as the different types of woods and surfaces to choose from.

Adler Flooring uses environmentally friendly varnishes including the well known Bona Traffic that results in a stunning matt finish.

  • Stains: all sorts of domestic stains can occur over time and these can include animal urine, rust and water stains and burns.
  • Gouges and Cuts: carpet layers can leave cuts in wood around the edges with their sharp knives. These cuts can allow water to get in deeper than the cut over time and, even after the cut is sanded out, the discolouration may remain.
  • Walls taken out: these days, many houses are made larger and more “open plan” and as a result, many walls can be removed to allow for larger spaces. When a wall is removed, it will inevitably leave a dark stain mark. Depending on the room the wall was taken from, the stain can be darker or lighter. Obviously a kitchen, laundry or bathroom is likely to have left a darker stain due to a higher likelihood of water damage.
  • Wood Borers and Termites: It is not uncommon for a large part of damage caused by termites and other wood borers to be obvious only when sanding has taken place. If damage is minor, it’s possible to fill it with a suitable filler that is colour matched to the board being filled. It is also possible to completely replace the board, however, this can also result in a different colour if the original board is quite old.

For these reasons it is worth consulting a professional, licensed and experienced floor sander and polisher in Bondi. This way you will ensure you have the best result for your timber boards. Call Ted Adler on 0419996656 to organise your no obligation quote in Bondi.

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