Coogee Timber Floor Sanding, Staining & Polishing

Don’t Let Your Coogee Floorboards Look Tired and Worn Out

It is possible to bring them back to their original sparkling and fresh condition with a new sand and polish.

It also takes less time than you may think. After the floorboards have been sanded back, a special laminate coat will be applied to protect the wood. Once this has dried, your floor will be polished to give the shine that you have requested.

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A top company will tell you that timber floors need to be cared for like all other floor coverings.

1. Never use chemical or all purpose house hold cleaner to clean your polished timber floors. Steel wool or any sort of scourer can easily scratch and badly affect the varnish on your floor.

2. Use a soft cloth mop, broom or vacuum to remove all the grit and sharp objects that can scratch and mar the perfect surface of your newly polished timber floors.

3. Encourage everyone to remove their shoes or, at the very least, place good mats at every entrance way for people to remove the worst grit from their shoes before walking on your floors. Removing shoes reduces the need to clean (and socks can be great for polishing the floorboards!).

4. Put soft bases on all furniture legs. It is especially important to ask women with pointed stilettos to remove these as their effect on your floorboards can be extreme.

Amazingly, a woman who weighs 57kgs and is wearing stilettos, Coogee floor sanding - no stiletto heelsexerts a force of over 2,0000 psi on a timber floor. This is 20 times greater than an elephant on the same floor with only 50-100 psi. When you consider that exposed nail heads on chair legs or damaged stilettos can pulverise concrete at 8,000 psi this is pretty incredible.

5. Wood and water do not mix. Try to use a dry mop and don’t use a steam mop because wood just doesn’t respond well to water of any sort. The best Coogee floor sanding company will tell you what product you should use to keep your floors in top condition.

They will recommend a floor cleaner that suits the varnish and type of timber of your floors.

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Timber Floors: Are My Floorboards Suitable for Sanding?

Your experienced contractors will be able to repair past scratches and imperfections caused by moving furniture and general household wear and tear. Talk to your floor sander about the best finishes for the type of use where you are wanting the work done. Obviously a commercial or industrial floor is going to suffer a lot more wear and tear than domestic timber boards. So make sure you tell the contractor what the floor is being used for.

Can My Timber Floors Look Like This Picture?

If you have old timber floors that need to be repaired and resurfaced, you can’t expect that they will end up with the same finish as a new timber floor in a display or magazine home. Older timber floors have some wonderful features that make them completely unique but it is unlikely they will result in a perfect finish.

For this reason it is worth consulting a professional, licensed and experienced floor sander and polisher in the Coogee, Eastern Suburbs area. This way you will ensure you have the best result for your timber boards. Call Ted Adler on 0419996656 to organise your no obligation quote at your home or office in Coogee.