Eastern Suburbs Floor Sanding & Expert Polishing Timber Floorboards




Tips for Finding the Best Eastern Suburbs Floor Sanding Company

Floor Sanding Tips for Maintaining a Beautiful Floor

  • In domestic situations use a soft dry mop for dust and soft daily polishing.
  • Always have a rug or mat at the front door to avoid hard stones or other material scratching the surface and varnish.
  • Use felt pads on the feet of all furniture to avoid scratching your timber floor surface.
  • Heavy scratching will break seal of the lacquer causing damage to the timber by the ingress of dirt and moisture from cleaning.
  • If you maintain your floor, the original seal should remain intact and this in turn will alleviate the need for re-sanding and sealing.hallway_timber_floor_polish
  • Make sure you are using polishes on lacquered floors and include regular oiling/cleaning of oiled floors in your regular maintenance.


Don't forget! Make sure to keep your new floorboards clean and free from dirt, rocks and anything sharp. Otherwise your beautifully polished floors will end up with scratch and gouge marks. No matter how good your sander and polisher is, they can't stop future gouges if you allow sharp or pointy objects (like stiletto heels) on your boards.


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