Greenhills Beach Sanding, Staining & Polishing Hardwood Floors

Add value and attractiveness to any home, office or industrial property in Greenhills Beach by refinishing your hardwood floor.

It’s important to take into account, when refinishing a hardwood floor, that the floor is completely clean and free from any sharp objects or objects that may scratch the floorboards or rip the sandpaper. Make sure the floorboards are free from any debris. Small jagged rocks can be the mosts dangerous.

The baseboards are an additional factor you need to consider. If it’s not practical to remove them it’s possible for you to leave the baseboards in place. I would suggest that you simply shield them with painters’ tape should you decide to leave them in place. If you’re not cautious, the power sander will damage them.

When the floor is clean, your Greenhills Beach contractor can start to sand. They should be able to direct the sander easily over the floorboards. Ensure they are sanding parallel with all the joints in the flooring. Your contractor should be purposeful while working.

They will remove any big wood particles or debris which could have been dislodged. Sanding a wooden floor properly is not an easy task. This is why hiring a licensed and reputable floor sanding company in your local area of Greenhills Beach will ensure you get the best result. A local business will understand the different weather and seasonal conditions.

You’ll know when sanding is complete by the feel and look of the floors. The flooring will have a dry and smooth feel to it. Take time to crawl about and closely scrutinize the ground. Make sure you are happy with the results. An experienced contractor will likely use a technique known as feathering and will ensure they don’t over sand your flooring in any one place.

You may need to clean following this final sanding. Sweep or vacuum up all of the debris. Subsequently, use a somewhat damp cotton towel and wipe over the whole floor surface.

In conclusion, refinishing a hardwood flooring can have complications and is best completed by an expert in Greenhills Beach. Don’t forget that older floorboards may have existing stains that are impossible to completely remove. Many people see these stains as providing “character” but it means you will not get a result like a new floating floor. When new boards are used, they will only have the natural knots and colourings from the timber itself.

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