Timber Floor Repairs – Adler Floor Sanding Sydney

Adler Floor Sanding Sydney are experts at all types of timber floor repairs.

Whether it is residential or commercial floor coverings, we will provide the very best results for your timber floor repairs. While many Sydney properties have stunning timber floorboards already installed or covered with carpet or linoleum, they may have nails, scratches and even bits missing. Adler will patch the floorboards, remove all nails and objects and repair and restore your floorboards so they look better than new.

Want to See That Timber Floor Shine?

Many Sydney homes have fabulous timber floorboards that have been covered over with carpet, lino and other types of floor coverings. Yet for the Sydney climate, there is nothing better than timber floorboards. They bring out the warmth and glow of a home while being easy to clean, dust and allergy free and more.

Wooden floors look great with most home furnishings and can be covered with stunning rugs and runners.

With over 40 years experience, the Adler Floor Sanding team are experts at repairing and finishing timber floorboards.